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students sitting in a small group

STEM Ambassador Program

The CSOE is collaborating with the STEM Ambassador Program to develop informal science education resources.  Visit their website at to learn more about this fantastic program!!!

people gathered around booths at ACS meeting

Informal Science Education Workshop

We hosted an informal science education workshop during the Fall 2019 ACS Meeting in San Diego, California.  Explore the activities the CSOE students and faculty developed in the STEMAP Newsletter!!!



Designing and Constructing Galvanic Cells: An Introduction to Electrochemistry 

students working in a lab

galvanic cells

The CSOE has developed an active-learning based electrochemistry lab for First Year Undergraduate Chemistry Courses.  The lab is split into 4 parts.  Students learn about the reduction potentials of various heavy metals, study how concentrations of metal salts influence the potential of a galvanic cell, and then construct galvanic cells using different metals.  Finally, they apply the concepts they learned to design and optimize a galvanic cell to power an LED light bulb.  Send an email to if you would like to receive student and instructor materials.

Last Updated: 5/5/21